Recipes of the Retreat – 2015

Biscotti’s-Lucy’s Family Recipe

Preheat oven :  375 degrees

1 cup sugar ,  1 cup dark brown sugar,  2 eggs,  2 tsp. baking powder,  2 Tablespoons of Orange  Juice,  1 tsp. salt,  2 tsp. almond extract,  1 ½ tsp. cloves,  2 tsp. cinnamon,  1/3 cup oil,  2 ½ cups of whole raw almonds,  2 cups flour , parchment paper

Mix everything together

Put Parchment paper on the cookie sheet (s)

Oil your hands,   make 3 strips of cookies on an ungreased cookie sheet (oil hands to prevent sticking when handling the dough)

Beat one or two eggs and brush the top of the strips with the egg before baking.

Bake at 375 degrees   for 20 minutes

Cool and then cut them diagonally

(I doubled the recipe for the retreat!)