Heated Classes


This class is heated.
Restorative Yoga focuses on stress relief, flexibility and profound relaxation. This class is designed to hold postures longer with the use of props to support the body. This allows you to open the body through passive stretching with the use of heat to release the muscles.The postures (asanas) are done in a passive way. It is designed to relieve the effects of chronic stress by using props to provide a completely supportive environment for total relaxation. The spine is moved in all directions to enhance health and well-being. Sequences are designed to alternately stimulate and soothe internal organs. Energy is balanced, relieving overstimulation or depletion. A long, deep relaxation promotes bliss and harmony. This practice can relax and quiet the mind when going through stressful periods and times of illness or injury. It can also create balance in those who have a vigorous daily practice. All levels welcome!


This class is for anyone who wants to build long, lean, sculpted muscles and enjoy the health benefits that come with having a strong body. This practice will include a series of yoga postures geared toward strengthening the body from the core outward. Students will be placing their bodies in orientations that must be supported by their muscles. In essence, they will be lifting their own bodyweight. Great care will be taken to warm up muscles, stretch the tendons, and lubricate joints resulting in a fully functioning and fit physique. Modifications will be provided as necessary. Occasional light weights will be used in this class. This class is a perfect supplement for anyone who currently enjoys strength and conditioning routines in a gym, or to those who would like to find alternatives to lifting free weights and utilizing cable machines. Prepare to challenge yourself, feel great, and look good too! ALL LEVELS WELCOME!



This 75 minute class is taught in a heated room between 90 and 100 degrees. The heating effect increases muscular flexibility and is meant to relax and soothe the muscles in order to prevent injury and go deeper into a posture. The heat aids in releasing toxins, waste buildup, and stress in the body, while leaving you with radiant, healthy skin. This class entails breathing techniques, stress reduction exercises, warm-ups, prolonged postures and short flows. The benefits include opening up blocked energy, stress relief, longer, leaner muscles, toxin release, glowing skin, improved clarity/concentration, digestion and sleep. Focus is on the core as well as the breath to keep you connected throughout the practice.

Please bring your own yoga mat, bottled water and hand towel to class. In order to stay hydrated, drink plenty of water during the day and after class. It is not advisable to eat two hours before class. Not recommended for people with a heart condition, frequent dizziness, expectant mothers, and first time beginners.


Heated Vinyasa Yoga is a 75 minute class of yoga postures which flow smoothly from one to another in an intentionally heated room. In addition to postural sequences, the class includes meditation, pranayama (breathing practice), stretching and restorative poses to provide a well-rounded experience to yogis of all levels. The class is heated to warm and lengthen muscles, prevent injuries and allow for a deeper release in the body. Perspiring will also help flush toxins and poisons from the body.
This heated yoga class is recommended for everyone, from first day beginners to advanced students. Beginning students will be able to develop a strong practice while more advanced students will enhance their existing practice. Modifications are provided throughout the class to allow you to experience the most effective yoga practice for you that day.
The yoga asanas are designed to offer physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. This heated class will have you sweat, stretch, strengthen and challenge your body beyond what you thought you were capable of! Get ready for a moving meditation that will heal your mind and body!
It is essential to have your own yoga mat and towel when doing Heated Yoga. Make sure to drink plenty of water before and after class. It is not advisable to eat during the two hours before class.