Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga ages 4-7 is a forty-five minute yoga class designed especially for children. Yoga for children has been shown to increase focus, self-esteem and anxiety, in all aspects of their lives; as well as increase their physical strength and flexibility. This class incorporates a variety of breathing techniques and poses in a fun and relaxed environment. We start with a story to center and relax ourselves. We then move onto our yoga poses and close with a five minute relaxation. Our goal is to introduce the joy of yoga to the children at a young age in this fun and enjoyable class. Our belief is that it will impact their everyday lives in a positive way.

This kid’s class is the perfect outlet for tuning in and unwinding after a busy day of school. Kids will learn challenging postures and a more flowing type of yoga that will help them calm their minds and strengthen their bodies. Partner poses and group games encourage kids to make new friends and sense a feeling of community. We work on building self-confidence and self-awareness. A great class for gaining tools to help deal with stressful situations and everyday life. Lots of cool music too!
This class offers Tweens and Teens an opportunity to safely explore who they are and the roles they might play in the world. Incorporating discussion, Yoga poses (or asanas), relaxation and meditation, Tweens and Teens provides an opportunity for open conversation and quiet introspection. It leads teens through an inner journey as they discover the essence of themselves, and provides the self-assu
redness and confidence they need as the venture out into the world.