Meet Marge O’Brien


Marge is a lifelong athlete whose interest in the mind/body connection started on the basketball court and has evolved to the yoga mat.  As a competitive athlete through college to assistant coaching for over 25 years at the college level, she has experienced firsthand the consequences of long term physical demands on her body.

Her own physical limitations led her to become a certified MELT instructor where she learned the importance of fascia in the health and function of the body.  Yoga has been the perfect complement to her MELT work with its focus on mindful physical movement that allows for a gentle, holistic approach to healing. For Marge, yoga helps her to connect to her body on a deeper level to experience the full integration of body, mind and spirit.  Yoga opened up a whole new path for her    towards true health and wellness.

Marge’s passion is to continue on her path of personal growth by helping others to learn and grow through MELT and yoga so that we can all find ease of movement in our bodies and contentment in our lives. Marge is a graduate of the 2016 CMYW 200 Hour teacher training.