Pass the Flame By Lauren

Pass the Flame By Lauren

Have you ever been drawn to darkness? It possesses this seemingly undying power to reel us in and keep us close. Yes, I am speaking slightly metaphorically and don’t mean to sound too demonizing, but everywhere I look, every screen I turn on, and every conversation I take part in lately seems to revolve around this darkness. Aside from this past cold winter seeming unusually long, the weight of the war-torn world has been tossed onto our shoulders, many of us much too young to carry this weight, by all different kinds of media; particularly by the little “smart” tool most of us now hold in our hands the majority of the day.  Maybe you’re even using it to read this right now, however, I promise I won’t linger on the darkness for long, so please continue to read.
Saturday, April 15th, began with hearing news that shook me to the core, as I’m sure it did to us all here in these quiet towns of Central Massachusetts. It reopened a wound I knew would take some time to heal again. That night I attended my first Easter vigil mass. It’s a mass meant for healing, rejuvenating, and new beginnings. Arriving right on time, the chapel was full, the atmosphere, solemn. As we made our way to a few open seats, I looked up and realized not a single light was on, and each person was holding an unlit candle. The ceremony began in the back of the chapel where we slowly found light as a bonfire was ignited. A few moments later, a flame was passed to one candle on each side and from there the light spread. It spread so fast my eyes couldn’t keep up. Not only were people passing the flame to their neighbor next to them, but also to all those surrounding them. As I stood there wondering how I could sneak in the back and find us some candles, a woman behind me tapped my shoulder and passed me a few she had retrieved for us when she noticed we were empty handed. Within ten seconds, the entire chapel was full of twinkling light from hundreds of little flickering flames each soul instinctively held at their heart center.
This ardent experience was a simple but much needed reminder of just how powerful the light truly is and has always been since the beginning of time. In fact, most creation stories begin with the light, separating the darkness and igniting life itself. Even our human lives on earth begin by leaving the darkness and opening our eyes to the light. The source of the miracle lies in the people and sometimes all it needs is just one single person, sharing their light, their love and talents. From there this miracle of light takes place—it spreads.
There seems to be hundreds of ways to share your light. You don’t even have to say a word. It can be dispersed with a loving smile, a comforting touch on the shoulder, an unconditional gift or favor. It can shine from you through a song, a dance, or a work of art. You can spread your light with a phone call to a family member or friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. A simple act of positivity and kindness has the power to brighten anyone’s day.
We were all born with the light inside of us and we have the power to choose how brightly we want it to shine. If you see someone’s light has gone out, pass them the flame. In a world where the media is literally paid to spread darkness, be a giver of light. Know that there always is an answer to the question, “What can we do about it?” We outnumber the darkness a million to one. We were put here as a source of light itself, for we are made of stardust! So may you travel with light. May you walk with love. May you wander in happiness. Namaste.


  1. Thank you Lauren for your beautiful words of light!
    Have been teaching Clementine This Little Light of Mine in light of all the dark news. She is learning the words. It is an old civil rights song.
    I love the light image. I have been going to a Quaker meeting on Sundays where they often ask for someone in need to be “held in the light”.
    From a yogi teabag:
    Live light
    Travel light
    Spread the light
    Be the light
    Sending big LIGHT hugs your way!

  2. Simply beautiful! We can pass this on & hope the spark will ignite the flame!

  3. I have been suffering for over 2 weeks with an infection that left me ‘in a dark space’ -frustrated and miserable.
    When I got a simple telephone call from a friend -not a text mind u-to see how I was feeling -a few minutes after that I opened your blog- I saw how profound a simple human kindness could be and how necessary it is. it moved me to tears. I want to thank you lauren for this meaningful words. Namaste


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