Mommy To Be! – Prenatal Yoga

Expectant mothers can prepare their bodies and minds for childbirth by integrating yoga and meditation into their lives. Pre-Natal Yoga is a natural solution for common pregnancy related ailments. This class will help lengthen and strengthen muscles, release tension and balance the body through a practice that is specifically designed for the journey of pregnancy. Along with keeping you and your baby healthy during your pregnancy, this class will help you connect to your baby, feel good about yourself and help you bounce back post delivery. No experience necessary. Appropriate at any point during your pregnancy.


Mommy and Me! – Postnatal Yoga

Take time out of your busy schedule to bond with your baby and also heal your postpartum body in the process. This class will include 60 minutes of yoga practice followed by 15 minutes of Mommy Support Time. Perfect time to sit, relax, and chat with like-minded Mommas! Yoga beginners and babies ages 8 weeks to 12 months are welcome!