Reiki is a Japanese technique for helping to reduce stress, while promoting relaxation and healing. Reiki treatments help to balance energy of the seven chakras and heals the body on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Reiki is a treatment where the practitioner channels Universal Life Energy to the recipient by “laying on hands”. A treatment can feel like a wonderful glowing radiance that fills and surrounds the body.

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Kayla Beth Robillard, BA, RYT 500 Hr, Reiki Master, 

Kayla Beth began her journey several years ago with Zen meditation. After a year of practicing meditation, her path lead to yoga. She received her 200 & 500 hour yoga certification at Frog Pond Yoga Centre. Kayla achieved the level of Reiki Master in April of 2016.  Read More About Kayla…


Kayla’s Pricing Options 

  • $30.00 – One 30 Minute Reiki Session
  • $80.00 – Package of (3) – 30 Minute  Reiki Sessions
  • $60.00 – One 60 Minute Reiki Session
  • $150.00 – Package of (3) – 60 Minute Reiki Sessions

Mandi Garrison, BA, RYT 200 Hr, Reiki Master 

Mandi earned her 200-hour Hatha teacher certification from CMYW in 2015, and is currently enrolled in a 300-hour training program at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. Mandi is also a certified Yoga Warriors instructor (2015), and received her Reiki Master attunement in 2016. Read More About Mandi…


Mandi’s Pricing Options

  • $30.00 – 30  Minutes – Customized session with restorative yoga
  • $60.00 – 60 Minutes- Customized session with use of a heated massage table
  • $250.00Four Elements Package – Four one-hour healing sessions with restorative yoga poses, crystals and singing bowls to correspond with the four elements (earth, air, fire, water). Each element has its own session.