Ataana Method Energy Work 

The Ataana Healing Method is a modality that includes various forms of spiritual healing including

energy work, crystal support, chakra work, prana, feng shui, and mysticism. It supports all energetic

aspects of your being, mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical. It supports you to be in charge of

your life by connecting you to your own self-healing. Sacred Inner Dialogue is a technique special to

the Ataana Method that allows a person to be active in their self-healing. By addressing your specific

energies, you can support transformation in any area of your life.


30 Minutes – $45.00

60 Minutes – $65.00

Jayne Jackson, BS, RYT 200 Hr, Ataana Method Level 1

Jayne has been a certified practitioner of the Ataana Healing Method since 2014. She moved to Massachusetts in 2019 after obtaining her 200-hour yoga teacher certification at a Baptiste affiliate studio in Nashville, TN. She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and enjoys living a holistic lifestyle through the ebb and flow of life. She is passionate to support you in your journey, and to connect you to your fullest potential so you can live your life aligned in mind, body, and spirit.
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