Cheryl A. Johnson

Cheryl J teacher pic


Cheryl Johnson completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Central Mass Yoga. She is trained in the Yoga Warriors Method, is a Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki Master.


“I was having severe panic attacks after the death of my big brother and then my Dad six months later. Four years later my mother died. After these life changes loses, I began practicing yoga.  I always ran and worked out, but no longer found relief there, so I turned to yoga. After my first class I cried all the way home. My first teacher, Diane Ladadec, told me to try an Ashtanga yoga class since she intuitively knew the struggle I had in a Hatha class. Her class focused on breath and slow movements, I had arrived! Her cueing of breathing got me into my body. Shortly after the death of my mom, we moved to the beautiful town of Princeton and  I found Central Mass Yoga and Wellness. My next significant teacher was Lucy Cimini. Her Monday morning class, her calming presence, and her embodiment of yoga inspired me to become a yoga teacher. She guided and encouraged me to take the Yoga Teacher Training Program as well as the Yoga Warrior Training. I began teaching at a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center and have been teaching there ever since, and have been so humbled by all of the clients.
It wasn’t until January 2011 that I was once more brought to the depths of fear and grief, as my eldest son, Evan, a United States Marine, was seriously injured in Afghanistan. He stepped on an I.E.D. and I almost lost my hero. I stayed by his side for six months and brought the teachings of yoga to him and myself. It was my Shamanic Teacher, Dr. Carin Roberge, and Lucy’s phone calls that kept me together. My daily practice of breathing was coupled with telling my son on a daily basis to  focus on the morning, focus on the afternoon, focus on the evening, as he dealt with the overwhelming surgeries and teams of doctors. It was my training on the mat that truly allowed the practice “off the mat” to sustain me. I made an intention then to someday do something for the military because I had never in my life witness such a dedicated community and group of people. The military doctors, the Marines and nurses took such good care of my son; their dedication inspired me. The love of my husband, Mike, my two other children, Hallie and Hunter, sustained Evan and I. We also received love and support from family and friends  as well as Lucy’s Thursday Morning Veteran Class!!!
I began meditating and yoga once again, practicing daily. I felt my connection to something that was none other than Grace. This heart opening experience lead me to now. I am studying Shamatha meditation and believe in every ounce of my being that I am meant to teach the Veteran Community who have given so much to all of us. Their Honor and Commitment has inspired me to give a little something back . I have never forgot my intention…I want to be of service! We are all connected, we all have a story. Together we can continue the process of connection, as Lucy Cimini has said “One breath at a time.”
Let us tend to our hearts. ~Cheryl ”


Cheryl will be teaching a Free Shamatha meditation class on Tuesdays at 9:45 am, starting in September 2016. All are welcome at this class, Veterans and civilians alike.