Meet Erin Bradley



Erin has had the privilege of studying yoga with many great teachers; practicing with many great friends; and now teaching with many great students! Erin’s practice has grown from Vinyasa, Hatha and Power traditions, and her instruction is designed to meet students where they are in each moment. She believes that like life, yoga is best experienced by going with the flow; that in every yoga practice humor and music have as much a place as deep exhales and sweat; and that with each practice we don’t become closer to perfection but to ourselves. Always a student, Erin learns something new every time she steps onto the mat and is very grateful for the opportunity to guide others to their mats.

“Erin is one of CMYW’s treasures. She has a gentle way about her, and her classes are some of my favorites. Others have agreed with me when I say we don’t even realize until it’s over what a great workout we just had. She’s just so NICE about it! Erin currently does an early morning class each Saturday and Sunday – it’s a fantastic and easy-to-get to weekend workout!” ~ Sally J. Phelps