Insurance Reimbursement Requests

Many health insurance companies offer their clients the option to request a reimbursement for fitness related purchases throughout the year. Often times, yoga qualifies for this reimbursement (depending on the insurance company).

At CMYW we offer a number of documentation options to help you with your reimbursement. You can request these items using the form to the right or downloading our request form and emailing us at

The most commonly requested items are a reimbursement letter from CMYW, a class attendance record, or a receipt of purchase. Some companies require all of these, some only one of them.

Attendance records and purchase receipts can be found by either logging into your CMYW online account and locating your account details or by requesting them directly from the studio.

While submitting these items does not guarantee a refund, we do our best to help you with what you need.

We encourage you to check with your health insurance company to see if yoga qualifies under their fitness benefit guidelines.

  CMYW Information Request Form