Meet Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie started practicing yoga during college to help her with crippling anxiety that was affecting every aspect of her life. Yoga has helped her get in touch with the anxious thoughts, to breathe through them and ultimately let them go, to calm her mind and body. She attributes a lot of her personal success to the self-awareness and healing that she gained through practicing yoga. Aiming to share the benefits of yoga will others Anne-Marie was awarded a Yoga Alliance Scholarship to complete her 200-Level Yoga Teaching Training at Central Mass Wellness & Yoga (CMWY) in May 2018. She is also a certified Yoga Warriors instructor who teaches yoga from a trauma-sensitive perspective to help those suffering from emotional, physical and/or mental stressors. Anne-Marie is currently pursing a PhD in Biochemistry with the hopes of sharing her knowledge of biochemistry with her students and exploring the effects of yoga on biochemical changes in the body. Anne-Marie’s continuous journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance through practicing yoga has empowered her to help others find healing to cultivate and awaken the authentic person who lies within.