Welcome to Central Mass Yoga & Wellness! 

Now a fully VIRTUAL Online Studio!

“Traditional yoga at it’s best!” 


What do I need to know before I take a VIRTUAL class

at Central Mass Yoga?





  • Registration is required for all classes.

  • Inform the instructor of any injuries or limiting conditions. If this is your first class please fill out a health form.

  • Wear comfortable non-binding clothing that is easy to stretch in, preferably form fitting. You may want to bring an extra layer of clothing for cooling down afterward.

  • All classes are ages 16+ unless otherwise specified. 

VIRTUAL Classes in our Online Studio



  • Preregistration is required for ALL VIRTUAL ONLINE YOGA CLASSES.


  • Saturday and Sunday Virtual Classes now require registration by Friday at 4:00 pm.

  • Class Registration closes 30 minutes before each class with the exception of Saturday and Sunday classes. (Please see above)




  • Register for classes by using your Central Mass Yoga MindBody Account (this is your regular online account you use with us).


  • If you don’t have an account – Click the “Sign Up” button next to the class you would like to take. It will then walk you through creating an account.


  • Note: Even if you have been a client with us for years, you may not have an online account. You will need to create one with with a username and password of your choosing to attend virtual classes.


  • If you are having trouble creating an account in our system, please visit this help article. 



  • Downloading Zoom is not necessary to attend these classes.


  • 15 minutes before the start of class, Central Mass Yoga will send you an email (to the email listed on your account with us).  This email will contain the class link and the password in it. Please make sure to check your spam.


  • Click on the link to attend the class. Type in or copy and paste the password into the box to join the class.


Pricing Options for Virtual Classes – Starting July 1, 2020


Pricing Options 

$59.00 – Unlimited Monthly Auto-Renew 

$14.00 – Drop In Rate 

Please Note: If you are an active student as of July 1, 2020 and have classes remaining on your 4 and 8 class series, you will be able to use them until December 31st, 2020. The 4 and 8 class series (auto-renew and non-auto-renew) are no longer available for purchase.




  • Live classes will be labeled – “Live VIRTUAL” – on our class schedule. 

  • For Live VIRTUAL  classes, an option to have your audio and video active will be offered for some portion of the class.  If you would like your video active, please use the controls at the bottom of your screen to turn it on. This is not required. You are also welcome to have your microphone off or on. When the teacher begins to teach, they will mute the students so the screen doesn’t jump around and you can always see the teacher.

  • Pre Recorded classes will be labeled – “VIRTUAL” – on our class schedule.  

  • For Pre Recorded VIRTUAL classes, each teacher will be recording in the preceding 24 hours to the scheduled class time. Class recordings will not be reused. Each class will be unique.


  • All VIRTUAL classes will continue to be available for 24 hours for your viewing convenience.


  • Live VIRTUAL class recordings will be sent out the same day with the exception of Saturday classes. Saturday class recordings for live VIRTUAL classes will be sent on Sunday. For classes that are at 7:00 pm, the recording will be sent out the morning after the class.


  • For ALL VIRTUAL classes, you have to be pre-registered with us before the registration deadline  to receive the links. 


  • If you have previously unsubscribed from our newsletter, you will need to resubscribe to receive class emails from us. They are sent via our newsletter software.