Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I'm new and have no idea where to start.


Whether you are new to us or brand new to yoga, we suggest you start with any class labeled “Beginner/Level 1” to get a feel for our teaching style. While each teacher is slightly different, the Beginner/Level 1/Intro to Yoga classes will give you a real feel for what other classes you should try. Our teachers will also be happy to go over the schedule with you in person. 

Preregistration is not required. We suggest all new students arrive at the studio 10 minutes before the scheduled class time their first time to the studio. 

We offer a New Student Special for $30.00. This class package, which is only available in person at the studio, entitles the student to an unlimited amount of yoga classes for 14 days from the date of purchase. 

Do I have to sign up online before class?

Nope! We allow walk ins to all of our classes. 

Online sign up is offered as a convenience for students,but is not required to attend class. 

I signed up online, but I can't make it. What now?

Not to worry! If you sign up online for a class but can’t make it, you will simply be taken out of the class. You do not have to cancel with us. No shows are canceled out of the class.

If you purchased a drop in class, it will stay on you account for future use.

If you are an auto-renew member, that class goes back on your account for future use.

We do not charge you for classes you do not attend.

Do I need to bring my own yoga props?

Central Mass Yoga is a fully equipped studio. Each of our three yoga rooms are equipped with bolsters, blankets, blocks, and straps. In addition, we also have sand bags, chairs, grip its, light weights, head stander, and a few other fun items. 

You can bring your own mat or borrow or puchase on at the studio. We do no charge for borrowing a mat. (Quantity is limited, however)

What happens if I am late for class at Central Mass Yoga?

All classes start on time.

If you are late, please come in quietly and collect your props after the opening relaxation. 

We strongly suggest that first-timers arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your first class.

Please respect your fellow students by being as quiet as possible when arriving late.

What does a group class at Central Mass Yoga consist of?

A group class at CMYW is generally 75 minutes in length, unless otherwise specified. Our classes are 75 minutes because teachers at CMYW spend approximately 15 minutes on warming up the body to safely prepare the student for Yoga. 

Classes consist of a series of yoga postures (asanas) done lying on the floor , sitting, standing and in weight bearing positions.

Classes are progressive and build upon what was learned in the previous lesson. Yoga props (blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters, etc) are used to assist with proper alignment or to add more challenge to the yoga postures (asanas).

Regardless of your skill level expect to love yoga and feel fantastic afterwards!

How does a Central Mass Yoga instructor interact with the class?

The instructor will explain how and why each posture (asana) is performed and will monitor the class to ensure each posture is being executed safely. The instructor will make individualized modifications to ensure the postures are appropriate for each individual. Class sizes are limited to ensure quality instruction.

What do I need to bring to a Heated class at Central Mass Yoga?

You will need a yoga mat, towel and water.

You can bring your own mat or we have mats for sale at the studio.

No shoes are allowed in the yoga studios. Please leave them in the lobby or outside the door. 

No shoes or socks are allowed in the hot yoga studio (Studio C).

Shorts and T-shirt, tank top or sports bra (for women) are appropriate attire.

How often should I attend Central Mass Yoga classes?

It is recommended that beginner students attend 10 classes during the first month to effectively see and feel results. Subsequently, we recommend 3-5 classes per week to receive maximum benefits.

Practice YOGA everyday and you will be amazed by what happens!

Inclement Weather

In case of inclement weather, classes will be cancled 1.5 hours before the scheduled start time of the class.

Please check the online class schedule for the most up to the date information on inclement weather.

Further Questions - Please contact us!

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