Virtual Private Yoga Instruction with Lucy Cimini 

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Learn the appropriate practice designed for your

UNIQUE condition.

There are many benefits to be gained from attending group yoga classes. However, an ideal way for many people to learn yoga and develop a personal practice for their individual needs is through private instruction. In a private yoga lesson, your individual needs will be discussed and assessed. From this, an individual practice of postures and breathing will be developed and taught; one that is appropriate for your particular needs. Individual needs to be considered might include general health, specific injuries or conditions, age, strength, flexibility, and life circumstances. For the novice it is considered best to have personal lessons with a respected teacher to make sure you are enjoying yourself, comfortable with every aspect of the pose, gaining the most benefit while eliminating risk of injury. For the more advanced yoga practitioners–who have perhaps accumulated a number of postural and kinetic deviations depending on how habituated to a certain routine you’ve become–precise, personal yoga sessions can make the shift happen naturally and easily in your practice. For centuries yoga was always taught one on one. Teacher carefully guiding student in precise personalized lessons to assure steady, progressive progress.

Reasons to consider private lessons:


  • Privacy
  • Personal attention
  • Certified Yoga Therapist
  • Development of a personal practice for your individual needs
  • Benefits for injury, illness, stress and emotional difficulties
  • Convenience of lesson times made by appointment
  • Set and accomplish goals with guidance and support


Your Private Yoga Session may include some or all of the



  • Yoga Warriors International tm method for post traumatic stress.
  • Exercise & Stretching (Asana)
  • Breathing Exercises (Pranayama)
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Health Coaching
  • Concentration and Meditation
  • Diet and Lifestyle
  • Self-Awareness and Introspection (Philosophy, Chakras..)
  • Positive thinking
  • Yoga Therapy



CANCELLATION POLICY for Private Sessions

Central Mass Yoga And Wellness private session appointments must be cancelled by 9:00 pm the night before your scheduled session. Failure to cancel scheduled private sessions in a timely manner will result in full payment for the missed session.  

I would recommend my yoga teacher to anybody, especially friends with illness or disabilities who want to regain or maintain their independence.  She is knowledgeable, smart, kind, clever, and always well-prepared for class. She is also a good listener.

~ Anne

Working with Lucy is a precious gift. There are pivotal times in your life when someone special enters your life just at the right time— for me that is Lucy and our private lessons. Before I started yoga lessons, I probably would have guessed a Downward Dog was a constellation… so I began our lessons clueless. What I didn’t know when I started my private lessons, I was about to enter the most challenging time of my life and how important it would be to have a safe haven for my physical, spiritual and emotional well being. What amazes me is Lucy’s extensive knowledge and experience combined with her kindness and compassion. Lucy has a lot of patience and an intuitive ability to lead all in a very safe environment with the right touch of humor. Lucy senses what I need, challenges me and calms me all in one lesson. With every lesson I take, I leave feeling better physically and with a deeper sense of calm. Having a personal relationship with Lucy as a guide has made a marked difference in my life. Whatever challenges I face in my daily life, I have a well to return to for renewal.

~ Claudia