Linda T.

Lucy and her teachers provide classes that are informative as well as fun and diverse. Lucy’s enthusiasm for yoga is apparent in every well prepared class. Adaptions and modifications are clearly provided for the beginner or those with some limited physical issues as well as more challenge for the experienced student.  Lucy weaves the yoga philosophy seamlessly into her classes. She has over 30 years of experience. Try a class; you will be glad you did!

Barbara P-E.

I have to write to tell you how wonderful your yoga class was today.   It was special and beautiful in every way.  First, there is the physical movement which is exactly what our bodies require.  Then there is the spiritual content which lightens the heart and nourishes the soul.  You are such a beautiful spirit.  Your mix of movement and spiritual admonition call out the best in us and are inspirational.  In me, you have a client for life.  

By the way, I think that you are the loving “tendril” that supports us “despite our blights, wilts and witherings.” 


Ray B.

The Yoga Warriors Program located in West Boylston, MA has had quite an impact on my life.  As an Air Force veteran of the Vietnam War, I had both physical and social issues upon my return.  After attending a few classes provided by Lucy Cimini, Yoga Instructor as well as the founder of Yoga Warriors International, I found my back pain was no longer the huge problem it had been for me since Vietnam.   Her kind words of encouragement and professionally structured program including meditation, relaxed me like nothing before.  

I have been attending the Yoga Warriors Program for several years now and have felt the benefits of less physical pain and a more relaxed outlook on life.  An additional benefit from Lucy’s program has bee the interaction of veteran’s with each other, a common bond is realized.  I have made many friends there. If it were not for this program , and Lucy’s dedication to it none of these good things would have happened to me.   

Candy  G.

I got up this morning and thought that if if wasn’t for this awful virus (Covid-19) we would all be together now at Marie Joseph Spiritual Center (Central Mass Yoga annual retreat).   We would be in our 1st yoga class right now and so excited to be together at that beautiful place. Again, we would have gorgeous weather — you picked another great weekend to reserve!   I miss you and everyone so much and look forward to next year (2021) when we can hug each other and be so thankful for this retreat of love, and peace and spending time with such a wonderful group of people.   This retreat and your continuing VIRTUAL classes are so important and transforming to all of us and it’s because of you.  I know we will all be back at Marie Joseph’s again… can’t wait!  Until then, we have our virtual classes and workshops which are great.. thank you!

Mark Z. 

CMYW exposed me to people who live their life with loving kindness. I have learned to live in the present moment most of the time and live with the impermance of life. I sleep better and feel younger. I am able to more often live life out of the fast lane and enjoy the benefits of a slower more fulfilling pace. I don’t feel as threateend and am less on guard. I didn’t know this unique culture existed until I was exposed to the teachings at CMYW. I feel CMYW is an important part of my extended family.

Jennifer N., MD

I started private yoga lessons to increase flexibility, decrease pain, reconnect with my body and increase confidence so that I could return to yoga after recent hip surgery. Absolutely without a doubt Lucy was able to help me connect and gain confidence in my body again. I feel like I have worked through more and had more improvement in ability than I did with prior physical therapy. This can only be accomplished by someone who understands the musculo-skeletal system but also has a firm, comprehensive and experienced understanding of yoga. This has added back so much to my life and I am able to tackle many physical and mental challenges with less anxiety, less pain and more ease. My surgeon was completely impressed and despite his belief that most people stop improving 1 year after surgery, he thinks that I will continue to increase flexibility and mobility through my current practice. Without hesitation or doubt I would recommend Lucy and Central Mass yoga to anyone of any ability, any age, any gender. There will be something that they can deepen, transform, inspire and heal.

Beth W. 

At every class I attend, I am met with a little bit of humor and a little something for my body, mind and spirit! CMYW offers an excellent variety of classes and experienced, real teachers. I now have much greater awareness of my body and how to help myself feel better every day using what I have learned at CMYW.

Elaine V. 

My husband and I joined on July 23 and got to try many different classes during that trial period. We’re now full members with auto-renew and plan to attend classes 3-4x/week.

Your teachers are wonderful, each with a different style but all enjoyable and very knowledgeable. I had my knees replaced last winter and am still rebuilding strength and flexibity; I’ll never be able to bend my knees more than 130* which means I can’t sit on my legs or tuck them crossed in front of me and I can’t kneel. I spoke to each teacher before my first class with them and they were terrific.

As a student, the 2 week unlimited membership gave me freedom to try classes I wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

Dawn B. & Marsha B.

My mother and I started at CMYW to spend time with each other and to get fit. We never expected it to play such a large role in my mother’s recovery from surgery. Because of CMYW, she was stronger before and after her surgery and continues to get well with the help she receives from Central Mass Yoga and Wellness. Their support cannot be measured. We are very greatful to our friends at CMYW.

Lisa P.

I continue to come to Central Mass Yoga & Wellness because of the beautiful welcoming studio, the varied class schedule, the competent teachers whose passion for yoga inspires me daily and for the joyful camaraderie between the students. Each class is a new experience for me in the enjoyment of what my body is able to do and how blissful I feel at the end of my practice. I often use the breathing and meditative practices at home and in the classroom. The workshops that I have attended at CMYW were informative and challenging. Thank you CMY! I have learned so much in my personal practice.

Barbara H.
Yoga has changed my life! I started classes to control hypertension, but have had many more benefits including body awareness, breathing, inner peace, anxiety control, balance and flexibility in aging. No pills, just poses when aches occur. To celebrate over 12 years of yoga I have made a video expressing the joy in my accomplishments and am dedicating it to Lucy with gratitude for giving me the gift of yoga.

Susan B.
I tried a bunch of yoga studios when I moved to the area, and Central Mass. Yoga was by far the best. The teachers are all well-trained, unlike some instructors I encountered, and the variety of classes is impressive — perfect for me when I was learning yoga, and now that I’ve been practicing for about 7 years. Central Mass. Yoga is yoga as it should be!

Natalie G.
Central Mass Yoga stands strongly on a foundation of positive spirit, profound knowledge, integrity, creativity and altruistic sensitivity. There are many different kinds of classes offered, taught by exceedingly well trained, caring teachers. The atmosphere is warm, welcoming. Perhaps, because one takes classes as a non-competitive individual, one can’t help but experience a sense of sharing the atmosphere of calming, joyfulness and quietude with the other students. Yoga seems to bring us together in a common bond! Whether one chooses a gentle class or highly active, heated class or something in between one leaves with the feeling and the knowledge that one has truly done something beneficial for mind, body and spirit! Participating in gentle, beginner, restorative and meditative options ( for just five years) has definitely improved my outlook on life! Not only have I gained greater strength, flexibility and energy, but, I have learned about mindfulness, finding inner peace and balancing one’s life. CMY has given me tools to use for a lifetime of greater well-being.

Jacyln L.
As a professional dancer and long-time yoga student, I have taken yoga classes in many different places, including many studios in New York City. I can honestly say that there is no studio that compares to Central Mass Yoga and Wellness. Lucy has created such a very special place with an amazing emphasis on community, well-being and daily practice. From the first moment I stepped into the space, I felt right at home. Every time I go to CMY, I walk out feeling more relaxed, joyful and ready to take on the day. I have been attending classes at CMY for over three years now and I’m so very lucky to have found a studio like this so close to home. CMY is truly a special place filled with wonderful people who share the same passion for yoga as I do.

Walt K.
“One last comment I would like to make is that there are many Yoga studios and teachers. I believe CMY has the most professional and dedicated instructors that provide a friendly environment and individual support for all of their students.”