Honor the Body

By Kayla Beth Robillard

“I’m too busy; I’m too tired to practice yoga or to meditate.”

We have ALL been there! I’ve always had a good home practice with yoga and meditation; however; this past year I started to practice less and less. I found myself as a full-time teacher, full-time graduate student and part-time jobs, I “didn’t “ have the time or I was “too tired” to practice. I found myself making excuses. Every night I would be getting home from my day at 8 p.m. and was “too tired” to practice yoga or to meditate. It really impacted me physically, mentally and emotionally.

In February, I knew something needed to change, I wasn’t feeling like myself. I had a thought if I was coming home after a thirteen hour day, every day, there must be away to practice yoga or meditation while feeling rested. I decided instead of doing an Ashtanga or a Vinyasa practice, that I would change my home practice and make it Restorative. It was hard to take a step back to change my practice at first; however; I had to reflect on the saying “Listen to your body.” I had to change my practice a few years ago due to injury; however; it was hard to change my practice due to exhaustion. After the first night of my practice, it was hard to accept. I did feel rested and more centered. Night after night I kept on having a home restorative practice. As the nights went on, the more I accepted the change of my practice. Changing my practice truly saved me. I have found myself calmer and patient again. If you’re feeling that you are “too tired” or “too busy” maybe it’s time to change up the home practice. It’s okay to do that! Remember to “Listen to your body, it’s smarter than you!”

My favorite posture to do at home to re-energize myself is a Restorative Bridge Posture (pictured above). Restorative Bridge allows the circulation of blood and oxygen to move through the body improving your energy!

1. Hug the knees into the belly for a few breaths (optional: rock from side to side or make circles on the ceiling with the knees)

2. Bending the knees allowing then to face the sun as you root the bottoms of the feet into the earth.

3. On an inhale lift the belly button up to the sun as you place a block, bolster (or firm pillow) or a blanket under the hips.

4. Make sure you are supported under the hips and the knees are facing the sun hip width apart and feet are planted.

5. Taking deep breaths focus on the inhale and exhale. If you find your mind wondering off, which is human nature, just bring your focus back to the breath. Focus on the heart as it lifts up to the sun on an inhale and how it lowers back down into the chest on the exhale.

6. After 3-5 minutes on an inhale rolling up onto those tipy-toes as the belly button rises further to the sun.

7. Planting the feet down into the earth allowing one vertebrae at a time rolling yourself down to the earth.

8. Hugging the knees into the chest as you rock from side to side or maybe you would like a full body stretch. Anything that feel natural to you and your body after Restorative Bridge.

If you’re feeling stressed or anxious come to my workshop August 18th at 6:00 p.m.! It is a 2 hour yoga class that consists of gentle movements, restorative postures and meditation. All tools you can take home with you! (Sign up Here) 

Kayla xo