Jupiter just stationed retrograde, and has been sitting at 24 degrees of Libra for the past week. The sabian symbol for this degree is “A third wing on the left side of a butterfly.” Whether or not you are as interested in astrology as I am (which is more than most people, I’ll admit), this is a fascinating and powerful symbol. The butterfly is the quintessential symbol of transformation, and this is a transformational time.


The other night I had a dream that I was on a bus with several people I know and see on a regular basis. I don’t recall where the bus was going, but I noticed it started to swerve and act erratically. I turned to the person I was sitting next to and said, “I think this bus is going to crash.” She was doubtful, thought I was overreacting, and said, “The bus doesn’t crash. We will get to the destination.” I was insistent. “This bus IS GOING to crash, and you need to shield yourself.” I created a protective shield around her just in time before the bus toppled over and crashed, leaving almost everyone injured and shaken up. People were standing around hurt, crying, and worried — and yet, they were all waiting impatiently for the bus to be fixed so they could get back on. I couldn’t understand this. The bus crashed, the driver was probably drunk, we know it will lead to angst, and yet you still want to get back on?


Think about what happens when inevitable change comes into our lives. The first reaction is almost always to cling on to what we know and cherish and try to resist that change. Say, for example, you lose your job. Most of us would be understandably upset, and may cling to that feeling of loss and the injustice of it. We may try to apply for similar jobs, or a different job at the same organization. We may sink into feelings of unworthiness about our ability to do a good job elsewhere. But, what would happen if we embraced that change and instead saw it as an opportunity to shift our perspective? We could use the change to pursue something we actually love or try something new and fulfilling. This acceptance of change may actually diminish the pain and lead to happiness. It is not about what is happening to us, it’s about how we react and respond to the inevitable shifts that occur in life.


When the bus crashes, do you get back on, or do you find a different route? Do you fight to return things to the way they were, or do you create a new story? In my life, I’ve learned that when you resist change, it doesn’t prevent it from happening – it just becomes more painful. The status quo will never make you truly happy. It will only make you comfortable.


This brings me back to the third wing of the butterfly. What if the third wing is a gift? An opportunity to embrace and accept true inner transformation? A symbol of our own unique gifts during times of change? We can embrace the third wing and all of the gifts it may offer, or we can remove the wing in an attempt to adapt easily to the world around us. There is no wrong choice; there is only our choice.


“Change is inevitable and a crucial part of evolution. A caterpillar may be more comfortable staying in the comfort of its warm little cocoon safe and asleep but the butterfly it is to become ruthlessly destroys its form in order to emerge with a new freedom. The discomfort we all feel is akin to the caterpillar who can sense that there is no going back. The only way is through to the other side.” – The Power Path