“Forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.”
Jonathan Lockwood Huie


Forgiveness is one of the hardest things we can do as a human being. Forgiving others or even ourselves takes great strength to do. Sometimes, we need to forgive others not because we are ready to move forward with them in our lives, but for ourselves. The more we hold on to the negative thoughts and energy the more of a toxic life we are living. Forgiveness is not an easy thing, forgetting what has happened is not easy. Whether it is a friend that has hurt us or a loved one, forgiveness is needed for us so we can move on. I always thought I was a forgiving person. I always let go of the past and not hold grudges. I was challenged by this for the past few months, which inspired me to write about this for the blog.
My father dedicated his whole life working for his father in law’s business. When my grandfather passed, there were hard feelings to the point where my aunt locked my father out of the company. My father lost everything. As a yogi, I did not get involved especially where it was family. I waited for everything to be resolved. I waited three months and nothing was resolved or done. Other members of the family had not stepped in and were ignoring the situation and I was becoming frustrated. I was focusing more on my yoga practice and my meditation to let out some of the frustration. Not only was I becoming frustrated over the situation, I was becoming frustrated with my voice. I kept physically losing my voice. My throat chakra had become blocked since I had so much to say and knew I had to stay out of it. After a month of not having a voice, I finally decided to speak up. Two days later after speaking my voice came back and I have not lost it in two months!
I wish I could share with you everything was resolved; however; completely the opposite. I have several family members who do not wish to speak to me because I spoke up. At first this hurt me and then it angered me, like any human being. Just because I am a yoga instructor and a Reiki Master does not mean I am perfect and forgive and forget right away.
After a few weeks of the emotional roller coaster, I decided my New Year’s Resolution was to forgive them. I am not forgiving my family members because they deserve forgiveness, I am forgiving them because I am tired of the negativity that was brought in to my life.
If you are struggling with forgiving someone a friend or loved one, you’re not alone. We all have been there. It takes time. Just remember you are not forgiving them because they deserve to be forgiven, you are doing it for yourself because you deserve peace.

Yoga Posture for forgiveness: Ustrasana (camel) * This posture will help release all the emotions stored in the heart and mind. Breathe deeply as you release them*


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